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"Having seen Hord's awesome work on a previous client, I knew where to go for a professional headshot.

From the initial visit in setting up the appointment, the actual sitting, and the post production of refining the shot;

INCREDIBLE INCREDIBLE INCREDIBLE PROFESSIONAL with solid advice for bringing out the best results."

-Timothy Jones

The Best Photographer in Brownsville Tx

James Hord Photography has been serving the Brownsville Community and the Rio Grande Valley for over 20 years. He is best known for his professional head shot style of photography making him the choice for professionals all over.

Headshot Photography

Group Photography

Product Photography

Headshot Photography is our specialty. It's all about the lighting, positioning, the angles and so much more. No one does this type of photography better than James Hord.

Group photography is not just for parties anymore. Group photography is more common for businesses of all shapes and sizes and we accommodate.

Need to update those old product photos? We have what it takes to get the right snapshot of your product to make it look it's very best.

Ground Breaking Ceremonies

Aerial Photography

Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies

Memorialize your ground breaking ceremonies with James Hord. Ground breaking is a very important time for many businesses, why not make it memorable.

Aerial photography is becoming more popular every day. James Hord has the experience you need when working with drones for those aerial snapshots or videos.

Ribbon Cutting goes hand in hand with ground breaking. Why not memorialize your moment with a beautiful photography to display within your business.



Need that right shot for your new ad campaign? Or are you trying to break into modeling? James Hord can help by bringing the best out of you for your portfolio.

It's all about the quality. Do you need that right photograph for your newsletter or company message? We know how to do it right the first time.